Emmabuntüs 2 (12.04 LTS) (Software)

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Emmabuntüs was designed to facilitate the refurbishing of computers given to human help associations, especially Emmaüs communities (where the name comes from) and to promote the discovery of Linux and GNU by beginners, but also to extend the life of the equipments and to reduce waste caused by over-consumption of raw materials. This thousandth Linux distro is intended to be sleek, accessible and equitable.

Emmabuntüs includes all the required softwares to quickly and smoothly familiarise yourself with GNU/Linux

It has been necessary to find a compromise to ease the access of the distributions for everyone. That’s why we have included some proprietary softwares like Skype while waiting for a better solution but still for novice users. In order to enhance the navigation a Dock has been added. You can access to all the included softwares through this great tool.


  • Distributions based on variants of Ubuntu LTS (Lucid Lynx - 10.04, Precise Pangolin - 12.04)
  • Quick Setup Mode through automation scripts (preseed)
  • Mode Live on DVD, USB (Multisystem, UNetbootin, USB-Creator)
  • Install standalone without Internet, everything is in the distribution
  • Installation or not non-free software included in the ISO (Flash, Codecs, Skype)
  • More than 60 additional applications
  • A dock allowing access to all applications
  • 3 languages (English, French, Spanish) supported completely in distributions

Latest stable version

  • Emmabuntüs 2 12.04 This version is based on Xubuntu 12.04 see list software.

Tutorials Basic


Published by Emmabuntus – February 6, 2013
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